Package File Options

This document describes all the configuration options that are specific for the packageFile stage. You can also configure options from stages “below” packageFile - i.e. depType and package too, but they are described in their respective pages. Options below can be added to a repository’s renovate.json file or to renovate section of your package.json.


Configuration for lock file maintenance.

name value
type configuration object
default {
  “enabled”: true,
  “recreateClosed”: true,
  “branchName”: “renovate/lock-files”,
  “commitMessage”: “{{semanticPrefix}}Update lock file”,
  “prTitle”: “{{semanticPrefix}}Lock file maintenance”,
  “prBody”: “This PR regenerates lock files to keep them up-to-date.”,
  “schedule”: “before 5am on monday”

By setting enabled=true, this means that the default behaviour is to “maintain” lock files for each package.json if they exist already. “Maintaining” a lock file means recreating it to get an up-to-date version and committing that. Supported lock files include package-lock.json (npm >= 5) and yarn.lock (yarn).

If you wish to disable this feature then you could add this to your configuration:

  "lockFileMaintenance": { "enabled": false }

To reduce “noise” in the repository, it defaults its schedule to “before 5am on monday”, i.e. to achieve once per week semantics. Renovate may run a few times within that time - even possibly updating the lock file more than once - but it hopefully leaves enough time for tests to run and automerge to apply, if configured.

The recreateClosed setting is necessary to tell Renovate to override its default behaviour of never recreating a PR if the same-titled one previously existed, so do not modify this.

commitMessage, prTitle and prBody are custom templates to make sure that the branch and PR have names that make sense. You may override these with your own settings if you prefer.