Repository Options

This document describes all the configuration options that are specific for the respository stage. You can also configure options from stages “below” repository - i.e. packageFile, deType and package too, but they are described in their respective pages. Options below should be added to a repository’s renovate.json file.


A custom base branch to target for pull requests.

name value
type string
default ''

If left default (empty) then the default branch of the repository is used.

For most projects, this should be left as default. An example use case for using this setting is a project who uses the default master branch for releases and a separate branch next for preparing for the next release. In that case the project may prefer Pull Requests from Renovate are targetted to the next branch instead of master.

You also may add this setting into the renovate.json file as part of the “Configure Renovate” onboarding PR. If so then Renovate will reflect this setting in its description and use package file contents from the custom base branch instead of default.


A manually provisioned list of package.json paths to use.

name value
type array of strings
default []

If left default then package file autodiscovery will be used, so only change this setting if you wish to manually specify a limited set of package.json files to renovate, or if package file autodiscovery is not finding all your package.json files.

Note: package.json autodiscovery works for any GitHub repository that isn’t itself a fork of another (otherwise GitHub does not index forks for searching). Otherwise renovate will default to looking for package.json in the root directory of the repository and you will need to manually provision your list of package files.


IANA Time Zone for the repository.

name value
type string
default Etc/UTC

It is only recommended to set this field if you wish to use the schedules feature and want to write them in your local timezone. Please see the above link for valid timezone names.