Node.js Versions

Renovate supports upgrading Node.js versions in .travis.yml files.

How It Works

  1. You must enable Node renovation explicitly in your renovate.json: "node": { "enabled": true }
  2. Optionally, configure a supportPolicy (otherwise, the default is LTS): "supportPolicy": ["lts_latest", "current"]
  3. Renovate will search repositories for a .travis.yml in the root directory
  4. Existing Node.js versions will be extracted from the node_js array if it exists
  5. Renovate will replace this with the correct versions array based on your configured supportPolicy (defaults to "lts")

Support Policies

Renovate supports the following supportPolicy values and associated versions (current as of December 2017):

supportPolicy versions description
lts 4,6,8 All releases classified as LTS, including in maintenance
active 6,8,9 All releases classified as active and not maintenance
current 9 The latest Node.js classified as “current”
lts_active 6,8 All releases classified as Active LTS and not maintenance
lts_latest 8 The latest LTS release

The version numbers associated with each support policy will be updated as new versions of Node.js are released, moved to LTS or maintenance, etc.