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This Pricing page is only really here in case someone comes looking for Pricing or to make sure there is no catch. Renovate is an open source first project and you are welcome to run your own instance for free. If you prefer not to maintain your own instance, we also offer Renovate via a free GitHub App.


Is the open source version of Renovate limited in any way?
The open source version has full functionality and is interchangeable with the GitHub App.
Why is the GitHub App free?
It's free for now because it's not a large incremental cost compared to running an instance solely for our own use. Expanding the user base also lets us discover new use cases or better ways of solving existing use cases that we hadn't thought of.
Will the GitHub App remain free?
There will always be a free plan, however we may later add a paid tier.
Do you offer a GitLab hosted version?
No, for GitLab you will need to run your own. We'd be interested to know if you'd prefer (be willing to pay) if we added a GitLab hosted service too, so please get in touch if so.
Do you have an enterprise version?
Naturally, you are welcome to run the open source version in your enterprise. If you're interested in Enterprise support, then please contact us with your inquiry.